Tuesday, August 23, 2011

People let me tell ya 'bout my best friend

This would be her. My sister Emma.

I am so grateful to have a little sister like Emma. She is selfless, funny, beautiful, helpful, smart, and loving. Wow, that's a lot of adjectives.

She has been there for me in the hardest of hard. She has helped with Cash more than I could ever dream of. She has given me someone to talk to, someone to laugh with, laugh at, and someone to just be my friend.

She just recently turned sixteen. Which is so exciting, but so sad all in the same breath.
I am so excited for her to be growing up and getting to do all the fun things teenagers do. She will be starting school tomorrow, getting her licence, going on dates, all fun things. But I can't help but be sad. Will she get so wrapped up in the whirlwind that is high school, and forget about me? Will she get tired of hanging out with her lame, older sister and nephew at home? Will she get a boyfriend and devote all her time to him?

These things scare me, but I know they are a part of life. I now know how heartbroken my parents must have felt through my teenage years. I just hope she will be smart and learn from my mistakes, and go on to do something that she can take pride in.

Sister, I love you, and I thank you for all you do for me. You are the best sister and Auntie anyone could ask for. 

Branson, Missouri Wax Museum

Sister looking all cute before prom

Fourth of July Parade

This night Cash would not sleep and not calm down for anyone. Auntie Em held him, and he fell asleep on her shoulder. Cash adores Auntie Em.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Going back in time- Sprinkler fun.

As you all know, this summer has been HOT, way too hot for an apartment with a crappy little swamp cooler. Which is not good, when said apartment is home to a baby, who gets grouchy when it's too hot.
So this summer we spent a lot of time at our parent's houses who have central air haha. This specific day we decided we couldn't handle the 100 degree weather any longer, and went over to Cash's Mamaw's to play in the sprinkler.

The lovely Miss Hailey

Hmm.. Looks fun.

 I'm going in...

Get me out! Get me out!

Haileybug got bored so she played in the sandbox.

And we ended it all with some cuddling,

And watermelon. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best of May

First Mother's Day

Helping Daddy play Xbox.

My water baby!

Baby stop in Heber on the way to Salt Lake to feed, change, entertain, etc.

The only way I can get him to sit still to take pictures with me... with food!

Those eyes...

Our day at This is the Place Monument

My boys!

Helping Momma with laundry 

The cutest boy ever!

Going back in time- Cash the Biker

Hi, all! It has been an embarrassing amount of time since I wrote a post. I blame it on my stupid camera cord. I never did find it, but came up with an easy should-have-done-it-months-ago way of uploading photos.

Anyway, I thought I would take you all for a trip back in time to see some of my favorite moments these last four months. Hop into the delorean and I'll take you back to May.

Cash just loves being outside. He loves being outside with his Daddy even more.

Here are a few pictures of Nate's two babies.