Monday, August 22, 2011

Going back in time- Sprinkler fun.

As you all know, this summer has been HOT, way too hot for an apartment with a crappy little swamp cooler. Which is not good, when said apartment is home to a baby, who gets grouchy when it's too hot.
So this summer we spent a lot of time at our parent's houses who have central air haha. This specific day we decided we couldn't handle the 100 degree weather any longer, and went over to Cash's Mamaw's to play in the sprinkler.

The lovely Miss Hailey

Hmm.. Looks fun.

 I'm going in...

Get me out! Get me out!

Haileybug got bored so she played in the sandbox.

And we ended it all with some cuddling,

And watermelon. :)

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